Another reason for coming to Kingsville and visiting the surrounding area is the many wonderful restaurants located here. The food is wonderful, the people are great and the atmosphere is welcoming. 

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Birding is not the only reason for coming to Kingsville. Southwest Ontario is also in the heart of wine country and Sycamore House is located within a short driving distance of many wineries and only a five minute walk from the well-known Pelee Island Winery where you can enjoy a tour of the facilities and sample their award-winning wines.

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There are a variety of activities you can enjoy in our area. The most well-known is birdwatching. Each spring, between April and May, migrating birds come across Lake Erie and make landfall, exhausted and hungry, at Point Pelee National Park and other places all along the coastline of Pigeon Bay, where Lake Erie is at its narrowest. They stop to rest and energize themselves before continuing north. Their need to rest gives birders a perfect opportunity to observe the wide variety of avifauna that crosses into Canada at this point.    

The Chrysler Canada Greenway trail runs, in part, along the west side of the Pelee Island Winery. The 50 km trail runs from Colasanti’s Tropical Garden in Kingsville to the town of Oldcastle, near Windsor. This natural corridor, once a stretch of abandoned railway tracks, is perfect for walking, biking, birdwatching, picnicking and even cross country skiing.  But that's not all.  We also have Wine tours, both by Minivan and bike. We have great golf, a Transportation Museum, many Orchards and Farms and many, many Nurseries.

A short walk along the lake from our house is Woodbridge Farm Writer's Retreat. This unique summerhouse, built in 1911, is used by writers as a place to write and read without distraction, while non-writers are invited to enjoy outdoor summer reading events.

Close by, in the town of Amhurstberg, we have Fort Malden and the Black Freedom Museum. Here, if you are so inclined, you can top off your day with ice cream while you watch the Detroit River flow into Lake Erie at the Rhododendron Park next to Fort Malden.​